Updates for November 2019

Today I am updating the site a bit more. I have thought about what I want to have displayed where and to who, so now it is just to tweak a few things and make that happen.

I will be posting here once and a while to let people know that I have added/updated. I am going add all the databases and books and images and I have time and the tweaking works!

I will also be posting in the Chod Blog some of the information that was previously displayed years ago. I have tonnes of discs of information and I want to get it all up and available. I will also post here to let people know when I have made updates or additions!

– You can register to view the basic Chod information and different areas of the website.

– You can subscribe to view the Chod family tree information.

– You can view, as a guest, someones tree that I am hosting.

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