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After a long time, the Chodove site is coming back online. Not the last site, but the original site, with all the trees, documentation and books, etc. If you were a lifetime subscriber, or you want to become a subscriber, there are options to suite everyone`s needs.
If you are interested in a membership that gives you access to our online chodove content, click here.

If you would like to learn about your family history, add to the trees we have connected to the Chod tree or just be able to see all the information and documentation that we have then register for an account and become a member today!

Research Client Area

Paulette's Client Area

This area is for my clients and their families to come view the information that I have researched for them. You must register for a username and password in order to be granted access.

If you have been given access by one of my clients, they will have sent you information that brought you here. When registering, mention the person who sent you the email in the comment / bio area.