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Hi Everyone!

I always keep a small part of this site as my place on the web . It’s my home on the web where ever I am in life and what ever I am doing.

At times, I have had to have jobs (like Farm Office Manager, Restaurant Manager and Owner). At other times I was busy being a mom, whether helping at the School (Parent Council, Lunchroom Manager/Supervisor) or within the community (Community News letter Writer/Editor/Printer, Program Coordinator and Constitution/By-law Writer).

Research Services

Genealogy By Paulette - For all your family history research needs!

I love to do research and every so often I take on clients, not only to help families learn more about their history, but also because I love to learn about world history from different views. If you are interested in having someone do some family history research for you, I have many options available, click here.

I have decades of experience and a wide range of knowledge of historical backgrounds, from slaves and natives and other cultures to numerous countries and languages around the world.

Web Services Portfolio

ChodovePeople.Com Subscibers

I am a techie geek at heart . I am self taught, with over 20 years of experience. Take a look at some of my web builds here.