Family Package Information

Many times when I am looking for someone in historical documents, I find their family and sometimes a generation each way. I will combine all the documents I find for a set amount of generations and give package deals. I will display the information found in a private area of the website for the client to be able to view it all.

I like to make sure that I am giving my clients a what they asked for, plus more. The website is currently being designed to allow for clients to be able to view and edit their tree, and to work with others to share and continue to develop their family history.

I have a few different packages available. There are some that include only a few generations and some that include many generations and married into families. I can include the basic documents (birth, marriage, death) or I can include all kinds of ducments (newspapers, census, land grants, etc.)

Some of my packages are for the not so normal clients. If you are looking to gain status with the Canadian Government, or you are searching out mineral rights claims, or you are looking for relatives and next of kin, or you need someone to help find the owner/family of something you found at a sale or auction, then I can help.

Family Historian Package

If you know me, you know that I took over as the family historian for the ChodovePeople at a very young age. Roy Rushka had spent decades researching back in the old country and he had tonnes of knowledge, documents and talent that he shared with me.

I was bit by the genealogy bug very hard and not only did I help Roy by putting together this website to share all his information, I started working on my own family history.

Luckily, part of my family is well documented. I was able to document my scottish famiy history back to the 800’s and included such famous people as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. As I looked further and further into the Rattray Clan, I got to know Charles Bird and we researched Rattray’s that I didn’t relate to for his huge Everybody Rattray database.

My personal family tree, which attaches to Roy’s work through my husband, is now quite large. The tree has branched off into many cultures, countries and families through marriage, etc..

If you want to know more about your family then just the basics (birth, marriage and death) then look no further. The family historian package gives me the green light to find anything and everything I can about every member of your family and every member of every spouses families!

What I Offer

Its Simple. I Help!

If you have been at it for years and would like some fresh eyes to see what you are missing in your documentation, I can help. I learned from Roy Rushka very early on that if I didn’t have a document to back up something, it wasn’t a fact. Unless I had birth, death, marriage, land, census or some other records to back up the “facts” it wasn’t a fact.

Are you new to research? I can help you understand the historical background to a country you are trying to look up information from. I can help you learn how to use a research website (Like,, Library Archives Canada and many more).

Do you need a hand in finding some websites that will be useful to furthering your research? I can compile a list that will help you.

Are you wanting to know your family history but don’t want to spend the hours or your lifetime researching? I have many packages available for research services. I can do a quick hour of research to show you my capabilites and extra packages can be added to that at a discount, or I can just do it all for you!

Whether your need is big or small, I can do it all!!!

I Can Help

If you need a hand in doing your research, I can help. I have many options available to my clients and do all I can to make sure that my clients are very happy with my services.

I go above and beyond what a client wants. I would apologize, but I get the satisfaction of doing something I enjoy and my clients receive more than what they paid for. Its a win/win situation! Always.

I have been told at times that I can be a pest, with all the questions I ask. But the way I see it is that the customer knows what they want. Its not about me. I will make sure that the client is happy with what they are getting.

If you want to display the family tree I worked on for you, I can put it up on this website for you to view and print. You can also add people to help with keeping it current or you can add people that can come in just to view the tree.

Options are a part of everything I do. If you think your need is to small or a bit confusing or too hard for anyone to find, then I am the one for you!

That one thing I can’t find…

Many times, over and over again, I hear the same thing. A researcher who has been researching for years, sometimes decades, and there is one ancestor they can’t find any information on.

Most serious family researchers have a list of people or documents that they could not find. I call mine a “wishlist”. “I wish I could find..” I have more than just a few finds on my wishlist, but I research a bit more than the average researcher!

I can help! I have an hourly rate that I can go by to try to help. I will not charge for the time it takes me to get up to speed, just the actual research time. And if I can’t find it in an hour, I will ask you if you want me to keep going and I will offer you a package deal or two for continued hours.