Updates for November 2019

Today I am updating the site a bit more. I have thought about what I want to have displayed where and to who, so now it is just to tweak a few things and make that happen.

I will be posting here once and a while to let people know that I have added/updated. I am going add all the databases and books and images and I have time and the tweaking works!

I will also be posting in the Chod Blog some of the information that was previously displayed years ago. I have tonnes of discs of information and I want to get it all up and available. I will also post here to let people know when I have made updates or additions!

– You can register to view the basic Chod information and different areas of the website.

– You can subscribe to view the Chod family tree information.

– You can view, as a guest, someones tree that I am hosting.

Years of Information

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be posting information on here as soon as I can get everything running properly.
As you know, I built the original site from scratch. It made me spoiled. I built exactly what I wanted. I got the website running the way I would want any genealogy site to work.
Now, I am trying to use a “canned” app to do the same. Let me just say that so far, I am not impressed. I am hoping that once I have it the way I want it, the tree and source info won’t take long to add. I hope!
I’ll keep you posted.

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone!

It has been a while since I have had time for family history research. Life seems to get in the way so the family history books and websites have to be put to the side at times.

Within the walls of this website I am going to be displaying some family history of the Chods and some family history for the people I have been researching for. There will be public information that all can see and there will be some pages that will be restricted to paying clients, etc.

If you were at one time over the years a subscriber to this website, let me know when you are signing up. I will make sure that you have the same access that you had then.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as you read about your ancestors and what their lives were like and what they went through so you could be here today!