About Us

How Paulette Started

This all began for me while I was growing up and spending time with my dad. He had come from Scotland to Canada as very young man and could not remember much about his family years later.

Many times I tried to help him call overseas only to have the operator say that she didn`t have enough information to find the person he was looking for.

It saddened me to see how upset it would make him. He was missing a big part of his life and we couldn`t manage to reconnect it.

Then I graduated and along came the internet. Of all the things the internet could provide, finding my dad`s family was the biggest priority.

Long story short, I found them. My dad got to reconnect with them before he passed away.

And that was how the Genealogy Bug bit me!

The Team

Although this website is solely owned by one person, it would never have come to be without the help of others. Here is my team!

Paulette Gilchuk

Founder & Owner

After finding that most websites that are family history related were very hard to navigate and didn`t contain all the necessities for research, Paulette started this site in 2003. With the help of her programming knowledge and the help of Roy, they designed a wonderful site for the family that has grown over the years.

Roy Rushka


At an early age, Roy had the opportunity to research the family overseas. For decades he wrote letters and travelled to bring the family history to the current family. Roy has sinced passed away but is still held dearly in all our hearts!

Greg Mikolas

Web Design & Graphics

Greg is a part of the Chodove family. He was also the main website designer and graphic maker when we first started. His expertise brought most of Roy`s papers into the digital age.

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If you are interested in contacting us, would like more information or are looking to hire some research help, please contact us.